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What to expect in the Forex market this week?

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The week begins with the speech of Mario Draghi, which can identify future developments for almost the whole week ahead. If not so long ago in the rhetoric of the ECB, sounded a hint of a possible change in monetary policy the policy, what to expect after the presidential elections in the United States, remains a mystery. If Mario Draghi will gradually prepare the market to reduce the quantitative easing program, the European single currency will get a good tool for growth. Otherwise, the prospect of further easing, and before the parity will be only a matter of time.

What to expect in the Forex market this week?

Tuesday will start with the publication of inflation data in the UK which are awaiting confirmation of the predictions about its growth. Such a development would be yet another confirmation of the undue reduction of the refinancing rate. In the end, perhaps it will soon increase. In turn, the pound will get a good reason to grow. In the evening will be published data on retail sales in the United States, and the sale itself can demonstrate further growth. As a result of the reasons for the growth of the dollar will be even greater.

Wednesday will be relatively calm. This will be an excellent time for market consolidation ahead of Thursday.

Thursday will be published minutes of the meeting of the ECB on monetary policy, and if the text appears the slightest hint of the possibility of reducing the quantitative easing program, the European single currency may resume its growth. Shortly thereafter, will publish data on inflation in the US, and if it will continue to accelerate, then the probability of a rate hike not only in December but early next year will significantly increase. Thus, the dollar will get a great opportunity to resume growth.

Friday again will be Mario Draghi, and if his speech will not differ from what is written in Monday, the market will ignore it. While much will depend on the content of the text of the minutes of the meeting, and if there are indications of the tightening of monetary policy and the ECB President will again speak about the high risks and the duration of maintaining low interest rates, the single European currency waiting for the collapse.

From the point of view of technical analysis, traders need to pay attention to the price levels:


Resistance of 1.0950; 1.1150 levels; 1.1250. Support to 1.0800;1,0710;1.0550 with.

Resistance – 1,2650 1,2850; 1,3100. Support – 1,2350; 1,2000.

Resistance – 107,50; 106,00. Support of 105.00; of 103.00; 105,50.

Support – 0,9950; 1,0150. Support – 0,9730; 0.9650 levels.

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